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I am always being asked “So what makes K9CRACK dog treats so special?” and I can hardly just say “They are fab and the dogs go nuts for them” which is true but it gives you no real information!

The Short Answer

The short answer is when you give your pup a dog treat that has one ingredient, full nutritional value is maintained. If the dog treats are freeze-dried or dehydrated (rather than cooked) no nutrients are lost – on the contrary the nutritional value is intensified because the water content is extracted.

Cheap Fillers

Of course the real benefit of feeding our pup single ingredient dog treats is to avoid artificial, potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients that may include fillers such as corn and wheat that compromise the potency of the true nutritional value of the dog treat. Single ingredient dog treats are a great way to ensure your pup gets a tasty Love Snack, or Training Treat, stuffed full of the vitamins and minerals they need and the natural ‘real food’ flavor they crave. Therefore they are not consuming unnecessary or unhealthy additives i.e. empty calories.

Single protein Source

A one ingredient dog treat is a simplified food that typically contains a single protein source and is free from fillers and artificial flavors. In other words the dog treat contains nothing but the protein source (for example beef liver, beef heart, beef esophagus, beef lung, beef jerky or sweet potato) and therefore there is no sugar, no salt, no fillers, or preservatives, and certainly no food flavorings.

Sometimes the ingredients state “natural flavoring, natural coloring, or ‘meat’?” Why would you need these if the dog treat contains a real protein source?

We then have to ask ourselves: What is the flavoring?

Why is coloring necessary?

Are food dyes used?

And what proteins are in the ‘meat’?

Sometimes it is pea protein which is not good for dogs with kidney problems. As mentioned earlier, one ingredient dog treats use one real protein source, if however fillers are used additional flavoring and coloring are necessary because fillers have no taste and are usually a bland color.

Manufacturers use wheat and corn products as fillers that bulk out the dog treat by making the main protein source, e.g. liver, go further, however these fillers have no nutritional value or flavor, therefore food dye and flavoring are added to make the treats look and smell more appealing.

Help Your Dog Stay Healthy, Happy and Trim

Canine Obesity is on the Rise

Canine obesity is on the rise so another advantage to high value, one ingredient dog treats is that they contain fewer calories than regular dog treats, and those calories are easily absorbed by your pup because there are no empty calories (those produced by fillers and additives). Furthermore the one ingredient dog treats are so full of flavor fewer are needed for training which can help combat canine obesity.

Canine obesity isn’t just about your pup’s appearance, there are a plethora of ailments that are caused from being overweight. Your dog could develop diabetes, hip dysplasia, or even organ failure if you don’t work to keep them at a healthy weight.

One ingredient dog treats are a great way to keep your dog happy and healthy and support a healthy immune and digestive system, unlike additives that can make your dog feel lethargic and sick. Therefore limited ingredients, by definition, also means no extra calories – no fillers or bulk, just wholesome nutrition. Because they are low in calories, limited ingredient treats are great for training when giving multiple rewards helps your dog learn a new behavior, command or trick.

Check the Label

Did you know the average number of ingredients in bulk produced dog treats in 20+. That is a lot of ingredients, most of which I cannot pronounce. However, high value dog treats contain very few ingredients. Single-ingredient, freeze-dried and dehydrated dog treats never contain any harmful preservatives such as BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin, TBHQ, Propyl Gallate, or Propylene Glycol (BHA and BHT can poison a dog yet they continue to be used in Milk Bones!). Fillers in pet food and treats can be attributed to many allergies dogs have.

Made in the USA

Be sure to check that the dog treat you are giving your pup is sourced and packaged in the USA, after all, we have all heard the horror stories of pets being poisoned from treats from China!


It is a continuous battle between finding a treat our dogs enjoy eating and one that we approve of them eating! That is why K9CRACK has several flavors dogs find irresistible, even the fussiest of pups. Our flavors include: Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beef Esophagus, Beef Lung and Sweet Potato. Furthermore, all of our dog treats are sourced by our local Oregon farmers, USA. Finally a dog treat for discerning dogs and fussy owners!

Please let us know what your dog thinks of our K9CRACK, what is their favorite flavor? And if they prefer another brand please tell us about that treat too, we love finding out what ‘tickles your dogs taste-buds’.

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