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Why Buy the Best Dog Treats

Did you know that K9CRACK is one of only 4 pet food manufacturers in the whole of Oregon?

Know How Your Dog's Treats Are Processed

It is important to know how your dog’s treats are processed because if they contain meat the manufacturer is required by law to:

  1. Have a current Pet Food Manufacturing License

  2. Process these products in a certified kitchen

  3. The containers should adhere to strict labelling laws such as a list if ingredients and nutritional analysis

  4. The containers should be sealed to prevent any contamination

  5. The pet food manufacturer’s address should be included so that you can contact them

  6. And whether the contents are human grade products or not, the label should state quite clearly that it is NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION

The “human grade” element is something I will cover in another blog.

There are a lot of legal hoops for K9CRACK to jump through to ensure your dog gets only the best dog treats, but we believe your pup is worth it and this is what makes K9CRACK the best dog treat available.


As you can see from the graph, our dogs need more protein and less carbs from their kibble, and more natural vitamins, which are found in fresh meat and vegetables. Fortunately K9Crack – one ingredient dog treats, are packed full of

protein, healthy natural fats, and vitamins, this is because there is nothing added to our meat treats and vegetable treats before we dehydrate them.

Our dog treats maintain their integrity because we do not adulterate them, in any way, during our drying process.

Therefore K9Crack can contribute to your dogs nutritional well being. That is why we like to say “Less is More” – think about it!

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