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The K9 CRACK team has been making organic dog treats since 2007. We started because we couldn't find any training treats, for our puppy Jazzy Jazz, that didn't contain sugar, salt, preservatives or fillers. Originally under the name HawaiiDoggyStyle we established a successful dog treat business in Haleiwa, Hawaii. Our most successful product was a beef liver treat called K9 Crack, it was a treat for fussy dogs.


However, it transpired that all dogs loved K9 Crack, and it proved to be a highly effective training treat for even the most distracted and unmotivated dogs. So when we moved to Roseburg, Oregon in 2014 we decided to rebrand ourselves after our best selling product, and re-launch ourselves in 2019 as K9 CRACK - Single Ingredient Dog Treats.


We now specialize in locally sourced, free range, beef and pork organ meat because we support our local farmers and communities. Having the best nutrition is paramount for a healthier, longer more active life. 

Our goal is to provide a superior taste experience for our customers, and value for their hooman parents.

R.I.P. Jazzy

Here is Jazzy Jasmine, the muse and icon on our logos. She was a Pitbull/Rottweiler mix; smart, obedient, and totally cool surfer and dropzone dog. She was a Therapy Dog who I would often take to schools to meet the kids, and she would smooze and show off her repertoire of tricks, much to their delight. The only thing she refused to do was run with me. In those days I was an avid triathlete, however she was always ready go hiking and swimming. She was one cool pup, and I am forever grateful for what she taught me about dogs, etiquette, and training. RIP Jazzy 6/27/2007-8/30/2017

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