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  • My dog likes lots of treats!
    Who doesn't'! Your dog will try and convince you that they need to eat the entire bag of dog treats to be happy. They don't, it's quality over quantity. K9CRACK is a 'high value' training treat, therefore you need only the smallest amount to get, and keep, your dogs attention for training, or as a great, healthy love snack. Fortunately, K9CRACK is so healthy it can actually enhance your dogs nutritional well being, however we do advise moderation because giving your dog a lot of dog treats is not healthy mentally or physically because it can encourage your dog to beg, and get chubby. Using a high value dog treat like K9CRACK as a training aid, or as an occasional reward or love snack, will increase your dogs appreciation of the treat.
  • Are there hormones or antibiotics in your K9CRACK dog treats?
    Most certainly NOT! Neither are there any additional flavors, colors, preservatives, or fillers. All of our meat products are free range, raised in Oregon and certified by the USDA. Se our Blog posts about dog nutrition.
  • My dog likes some of the cheaper dog treat brands, why should I switch to K9CRACK?
    We are what we eat, and you should always read the ingredients carefully. Many alternative brands include sugar and salt (sodium chloride) because the makers of these treats know how addictive sugar and salt are to dogs (and humans). They are also very unhealthy. Medical research shows that sugar is 9 times more addictive than cocaine ( The physical changes sugar makes to our dog's bodies (and ourselves) can lead to obesity and, in some cases, organ failure, therefore purchasing a cheap dog treat is not worth the dollars you save. Having a nutritional, high value, natural training treat that stimulates your pup will be far more effective, and healthy, in the long term.
  • I have a fussy dog, how will I know if my dog will like K9CRACK?
    99% of all dogs love K9CRACK - Liver Sticks. It is high in protein and vitamins with a great meaty taste dogs can't get enough of, and this is why Liver Stix makes such a good training tool. They can be easily broken into small pieces for any sized dog. If you are concerned that your dog will not like our product, please send us an email and, we will send your dog a sample of Liver Stix to try (only one sample per household).
  • Do you use preservatives?
    No, there is no sugar, salt or preservatives in any of our dog treats. Instead we dehydrate our K9CRACK single ingredient dog treats and 'baked' dog treats, removing all the moisture, and then we cool them slowly to prevent any condensation developing. It is a long process, done in small batches, to ensure maximum nutritional value and flavor without using preservatives.
  • Are your treats only for older dogs, or can I give them to my puppy too?
    K9CRACK is for any dog, at any age, however we do recommend that your dog is at least 12 weeks old because our dog treats are very rich in protein, and very young puppies can be prone to upset tummies. K9CRACK can be used as a very effective training treat or love snack. We recommend the Liver Stix for training, and it really does motivate any dog of any age to try something new. It is especially effect for training difficult commands such as recall (see our blog about training for recall). Furthermore, it is high in protein and lots of vitamins so it is delicious and nutritious. It is a healthy treat that dogs love so you can use it as a training aid or love snack. It is very rich, so a little goes a long way, especially with puppies and young dogs. Who said you can't teach and old dog new tricks? Go on, I double dog dare you to try!
  • Can I freeze K9CRACK?
    Yes, K9CRACK and K9BAKED freeze very well, and because we make all of our treats in small batches you will receive them within 10 days of them being manufactured, so if you freeze them right away they will remain 'delicious and nutritious' up to 3 months in your freezer. How fab it that! Therefore, if you have a dog that hits their K9CRACK like a champ you can buy in bulk (see our K9CRACK Sack special) and take your K9CRACK out of the freezer as and when your pup demands a tasty K9 snack.
  • My dog is overweight, can I still give him treats?
    All dogs love treats, however there are some dog treats that are better than others. You should always check the ingredients in all of your dog food and treats to ensure there is no sugar or salt in them, both are fattening and addictive. Our K9CRACK Liver Stix has only 42 calories 1oz/28g. However, because K9CRACK is a 'high value' dog treat you only need a very small amount to get the desired effect when training (or giving a love snack), so those dreaded calories are reduced again!
  • Do you have Gluten and Grain Free flavors?
    Yes we do. All of our single ingredient dog treats are GF. These include: Liver Stix E-Rings (beef esophagus) Beef Heart Beef Lung Beef Jerky Sweet Potato K9CRACK is high in protein, vitamins and antioxidants. They are a high value dog treat that dogs absolutely love.
  • What is in K9CRACK?
    K9CRACK are single ingredient dog treats, that means that there is only ONE ingredient. For example in the: Liver Stix = 100% grass fed beef liver and nothing else. Beef Heart = 100% grass fed beef heart and nothing else. E-Rings = 100% grass fed beef esophagus and nothing else. Sweet Potato = 100% naturally grown sweet potato and nothing else. It sounds simple because it is; pure and simple, just as nature intended.
  • Does K9CRACK - Liver Stix stink like liver?
    Brahahaha - I get asked this question all the time because we all know how disgusting liver smells - unless you are a liver lover! No, our K9CRACK - Liver Stix does not have 'that' smell because our special dehydration process removes all the stink ... but don't come into the K9CRACK Shack when we are processing because, well because it doesn't smell very pleasant! 🤢 FYI - by comparison the other flavors don't smell too bad when they are being processed. 😁
  • Is K9CRACK made in the USA?
    Yes. All of our ingredients are produced and grown in the USA, and all of our packaging is made in the States. We use local produce and labor because we believe in supporting our local farmers and community. Any dog treat manufacturer that does not advertise on their packaging that the product inside was raised in the USA, and passed USDA inspection, could be anything! If it's not 'Made in the USA' do not buy it. Purchasing USA may cost a buck or two more but it could save you a trip to the vet, and an expensive bill!
  • Why is K9CRACK so expensive?
    Labor and packaging is a major expense, however, I know you want to know the scientific answer, which is moisture reduction: The mammalian body is approximately 70% water, therefore muscle and organ meat is a similar percentage. There is a 4:1 reduction rate during the dehydration process, therefore if I dehydrate one pound (in weight) of liver, it is reduced to 4oz. Furthermore, we do not bulk up our K9CRACK with fillers like many other dog treat companies. They do this because it is a cheap way to add weight to their dog treats using inexpensive alternatives. Here at K9CRACK we keep our products pure and simple, just as nature intended. There there is nothing added to our dog treats, and that is why we call them 'single ingredient'. All of our meat products are 100% raised in the USA and USDA tested. We put your dogs safety first and we keep our dog treats pure, because we believe 'less is more' - less crap, more goodness!
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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