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What's the Beef About the Esophagus?

What is the Esophagus?

The esophagus is part of the alimentary canal which includes the esophagus, stomach and intestines. It is a muscular tube lined with a mucous membrane that transports saliva, liquids and food from the mouth to the stomach.

Why is Beef Esophagus a Great Dog Treat?

Beef esophagus is a fantastic one ingredient, hard, chewy treat and an excellent alternative to rawhide. Beef esophagus is a highly digestible chew, rich in protein, low in fat and has a full, rich beefy flavor in every crunchy bite. They encourage healthy chewing habits and promote dental hygiene and great breath. It’s also a unique source of glucosamine chondroitin (an amino acid) and therefore great for supporting your dog’s joint health.

K9CRACK Beef Esophagus is a one ingredient dog treat that is gluten and grain free, and contains no preservatives, hormones or antibiotics because they come from free range, grass fed cows from Southern Oregon, it is processed in Roseburg, Oregon and USDA approved. The beef esophagus is slowly dried to preserve flavor and texture without using any added chemicals or preservatives (that means no sugar, salt, artificial flavoring or coloring) to ensure that your pup gets the healthiest, highest quality dog treat on the market.

For convenience K9CRACK Beef Esophagus is available in “E-Rings” and “Tubes”

Esophagus Rings

We slice the esophagus in line with the cartilage into convenient sized E-Rings. The e-rings are between 1-1.5 inches in diameter and between .25-.50 inches thick and are very hard and crunchy. Dogs love them because of their unique taste but also because they love chewing them, therefore they make an ideal, healthy love snack. Your pup can have between 6 and 10 a day depending on their size, and they are ideal for medium to XL dogs (25-170lbs) – small dogs may have difficulty crunching the treat because they tend to have smaller jaws.

Esophagus Tubes

Our E-Tubes are between 7-9 inches long, they are hard, CRUNCHY and are ideal for those pups that like to chow down and enjoy a longer lasting, healthy love snack. Dogs go crazy for them because of their unique taste, hard, challenging texture and the sear size. It brings out the wolf in them!


We are offering a trail sized bag of Esophagus-Rings for 1.5oz, for $6.00 + S&H and Esophagus-Tubes for $7.00 each + S&H

K9CRACK promotes healthy dog treats and active lifestyles for a longer, more enjoyable life. Happy trails my friends.

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