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Should You Feed Your Dog Air Dried or Fresh Food?

Why do we feed raw?

Well the short answer is because we feel good about giving our dog the best and most natural diet we can afford to, therefore if it is human-grade and it provides a balanced diet as encouraged by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

What is The Difference in Nutrition?

What is Air-Dried Dog Food?

Air dried dog food, and raw processing methods like”freeze-dried raw” are considered technically “raw diets by the FDA. Air-drying preserves the nutrients in the food and the taste is far superior than the high heat methods used to make kibble. Unlike “raw” diets the air-drying process has a “kill step” which eliminates pathogens, so unlike freeze-dry raw or frozen raw dog foods, there is no food safety or handling risks associated with air-dried food.

Air drying removes moisture at very low temperatures. Air dried food is technically considered “raw” because it retains substantially more of it’s naturally present nutritional value than kettle cooking ie “fresh cooked” foods. Kettle cooking is used to produce kibble, and usually requires fresh dog food to be cooked at a high temperature, which is used to kill pathogens but it causes the ingredients to lose their nutritional benefits and flavor, so for cooked food to be considered ‘complete’, synthetic additives are are substituted and these are not always easily digestible by our dogs.

Therefore meat-based air-dried dog food has the same health benefits as raw dog food, because it locks in peak flavors and nutrients. However, it is lightweight, takes up less shelf/freezer space, and it is what dogs would naturally eat.

Is It Convenient?

Short answer, yes, it is as convenient as kibble and is so much easier to handle, and store, than fresh dog food.

Fresh dog foods send you several packets that are divided between your fridge and freezer, depending on how much your dog eats. You will have to remember to bring the packets out of the freezer to defrost/thaw and if you forget to thaw your packet this can delay feeding your dog which can be stressful for both you and your dog, and they will drive you bonkers begging for something to eat!

Depending on the size of your dog they will either eat the entire packet or you will have to save the remainder of the packet in your fridge until the following mealtime, next to your food. Which isn’t a problem because raw is human grade, so if you accidentally eat it, it is not a big deal.

However, air-dried dog food is much more convenient, a lot less messy and your partner won’t accidentally heat up Fido’s next meal thinking it is yesterday’s left overs. Therefore you can store it wherever you like, it’s shelf stable and you can scoop it into Fido’s bowl, just like kibble at the next mealtime.

What about the difference in cost?

Obviously this depends on the brand of raw or air-dried dog food you buy, also you need to consider you dog’s breed, gender, age and activity level. There are plenty of cost calculators online to help you with this. For example; if you had a 50lb dog it would cost approximately $100 per month to feed raw, compared to $75 to feed air-dried. The savings are not huge but they are there.

However the biggest saving is on shipping.Raw dog food contains approximately 60-70% more water than air-dried dog food. It is shipped frozen which is extremely heavy, especially when compared to dried shipping.

What is the biggest saving?

Time, but also dogs love it.

And air-dried will save you brain space, in other words you won’t have to remember to get the frozen packets out of the freezer, if you have a job, or kids, or are travelling with your dog, air-dried is just way easier.

Be sure the raw or air-dried food you choose also contains organ meat, which will contribute to a healthier, more natural, balanced diet for your dog. Or you can add K9 CRACK Meal Topper, a single ingredient beef liver suppliment to improve your dogs health.

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