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  • This densely packed, high value meal topper is ideal if you have a fussy dog, or a dog that won't take his meds.
  • 100% dehydrated grass fed beef liver from Southern Oregon, with absolutely NOTHING added.
  • Over 60% protein, all the B vitamins (including B6 and B12), vitamin A, and essential minerals and nutrients.
  • Beef liver has a dense heavy flavor that dogs love, which make this an ideal topper for even the most fussy dog. 
  • Sprinkle it over their kibble or meds. This is how one of our customers gets her dog to take his meds "I put his kibble in his bowl and I put his allergy meds on top. I got my finger wet and I touched his allergy meds with just a drop of water. Then I sprinkled the liver powder over top. He usually will spit out his meds or eat around them to avoid them, if he is willing to try to eat his meal with his meds. He ate his dinner with his meds last night and again tonight." 
  • Beef liver is the most nutritious, healthy meat your dog can eat. It is also low in fat therefore it can enhance your dog's regular diet; help lose weight, build muscel, and maintain a healthy body.

Beef Liver Topper

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Beef Liver Topper
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