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Is Your Dog Food Good Enough for Your Dog?

The short answer is probably "No!"

Not enough protein.

  1. Unbalanced and incomplete fats.

  2. Can’t be completely nutritionally balanced without some fresh foods.

  3. Can't be completely nutritionally balanced without some fresh foods added.

Not Enough Protein

Our dogs’ ancestral family had almost 50% of their calories provided by protein, in their natural diets. Their modern counterparts typically receive only 17%-25% protein from their dry food and more disturbingly it is not always from a meat source. Meat protein is often substituted with pea protein, which is cheaper for dog food manufacturers to produce. Furthermore, modern dog food has seven times the amount of carbohydrates than their ancestral counterparts.

Unbalanced and Incomplete Fats

There is scientific evidence that demonstrates that dogs that eat the proper amount of balanced fats, with a complete range of fatty acids, are healthier and happier. These dogs learn faster, remember more, they are more coordinated, they see and hear better and have fewer skin, coat and allergy problems. Added to which they are less likely to be obese and will probably live longer than dogs that do not consume a balanced diet of fats.

Can’t be Completely Nutritionally Balanced without Some Fresh Foods

Dogs, like people, need some fresh whole foods. Long term studies have shown that vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from whole foods are more nutritious than the synthesized or refined forms found in most dog foods. Many nutrients are destroyed in the cooking process that produces shelf stable foods so manufacturers add synthetic nutrients back into the products. However, whole foods contain nutritional co-factors that work synergistically to help the body absorb, assimilate and use the nutrients. Whole foods, such as vegetables, are also full of fiber, which aids digestion.

Did you know that raw broccoli stems contain more nutrients than the heads? My dog loves them and I feed them whole as a bone substitute!

Food for Thought

Thanks to clever marketing the average consumer often overlooks the reasons why processed food has a 12-24 months shelf life, it is all the additives and fillers used to stabilize the product. Therefore read the ingredient label of your dog’s food and pay particular attention to the first five ingredients, they are listed in order of predominance, with the ingredients used in the greatest amount first. And, do your research on these ingredients, you should find a meat protein first with a percentage minimum of 18% (set by AAFCO), however we now know that this is way too low, so choose a dog food with closer to 40% or more minimum meat protein.

You Get What You Pay For

Feeding a cheap dog food is a false economy compared to the health problems your dog will experience as he gets older. Personally, I have found that feeding a higher value dog food means I need to feed a smaller amount, however I do add fresh veggies to give him variety and only use one ingredient dog treats which complement and contribute to his daily protein needs, all of which ensure my dude is healthy, happy and trim.

FYI: I use K9CRACK Beef Liver and Beef Heart in his Kong and for training.

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