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Every Dog Needs a Blog

Hello, we started this blog because we want to ensure that our dogs' voices are heard. As a training treats/dog treat producer we are avid promoters of dog nutrition, healthy lifestyles and creating boundaries that ensure you and your dog enjoy a cohesive, mutually beneficial, happy life together. We have tried to conceptualize what our dogs would like to discuss and it transpires it is very similar to the blog ideas we have, however theirs is weighted towards food (and more food), fun and affection, and ours is labelled nutrition, training and love!

We hope you enjoy our blogs and we look forward to your comments and interactions, and, please send us your questions.

Here are some of the topics our dogs wanted us to blog about:

  • Nutrition - Dog speak for "food"

  • Additives - Dog speak for "more food, I'm always hungry, feed me"

  • Dog Treats - Dog speak for "There are lots of words for food, but food is food"

  • High Value Dog Treats - Fussy dogs have let us know that they "appreciate treats that are tasty and nutritious, because not all food and dog treats are equal"

  • We also understand that frequently we, as dog parents, are more fussy about what our endearing hounds consume, than they are!

We will also research:

  • Playtime - Dog speak for "having a great time"

  • Exercise - Dog speak for "controlled playtime"

  • Boundary setting and recall - Dog speak for "work"

  • Reward - Dog speak for "Dog treats=food"

Other stuff:

  • Affection - Dog speak for "belly rubs"

  • More affection - Dog speak for "butt scratches"

  • We also found some other miscellaneous topics that are too interesting not to discuss and enjoy.

Blue skies and happy trails my friends.


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