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Is My Kibble Good Enough For My Dog?

Ever wondered if there is enough protein in your kibble? And what do the ingredients listed actually mean?

  • Well in this video Dogs Naturally have a breakdown of exactly how to read that confusing ingredients list on the back of the bag.

  • They also tell us what the percentages mean.

  • And finally how pet food marketing is designed to confuse us into thinking we are feeding our dog more protein than we really are, spoiler alert they use peas and lentils (legumes) instead of real meat.

Its a great video, short and to the point. You don't want to miss it.

FYI After watching this video you will understand why we are so proud that our K9 CRACK LIVER STIX has 60% real meat protein, and our BEEF HEART is a whopping 75% real meat protein. That is off the charts!

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