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  • Dogs love our Trachea Tubes because it brings out the hunter in them. We also leave little chunks of guts on the tubes because we know dogs love picking off these small delicacies. It adds to the Trac-Tube expereince.
  • These long, hard, crunchy tubes of natural unfeigned joy are also high in unadulterated glucosamine chondroitin (an amino acid) and protein, and are therefore great for your dog's joints, so they can remain active all their life.
  • The Trac-Tubes are 100% cartilidge, so they are a totally natural digestible chew (unlike rawhide), because they are hard and crunchy they encourage healthy chewing habits, promote dental hygiene and great breath.
  • Each pack contains 2x 8" Trachea Tubes.
  • How long do they last? Well that depends on the size of your dog and how fast they chew. They do not last as long as bones because they are cartlidge, however if you have a heavy chewer we recommend filling the tubes with cottage cheese or PB, putting it in the freezer for 5-6 hours, and then giving it to your pup when it is nice and frozen hard.
  • Trac-Tubes are slowly air dried, USDA approved, free range beef esophagus.
  • We recommend your dog eats these treats outside because they can get icky.
  • Gluten and grain free.
  • No sugar, salt, preservatives, or fillers.
  • No hormones.
  • This is a rich, high value dog treat and is ideal for medium to XL dogs (25 lbs+).

Trac-Tubes - 2x 8" Beef Trachea Tubes

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