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  • Our Beef Lung dog treats are free range and bursting with nautural goodness and subtle gamey flavor.
  • They have a delicate texture which means they are ideal for smaller dogs, or those that have lost some teeth.
  • K9 CRACK Beef Lung is a high value dog treat full of vitamin C, all the B vitamins, phosphorus, potassium, selenium and zinc.
  • Beef Lung is very low in protein. 
  • Beef Lung has less than 1% fat and zero carbs, this means they are great for dogs that are a little chubby and trying to lose weight.
  • They can be easily broken into small pieces and used as a high value dog treat, or given whole as a super healthy love snack.
  • K9 CRACK Beef Lung is sourced locally because we support our local farmers and communities, and manufactured at our facility in Roseburg, OR.

Beef Lung

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Beef Lung
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