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Why We Do What We Do at K9 CRACK!

Why Do We Specialize in One Ingredient Dog Treats?

The reason why we specialize in single ingredient dog treats, especially beef liver and esophagus is because:

Organ meats are Mother Nature’s multivitamins, or if you want to be hip and trendy, you would call them a superfood! They are stuffed full of nutural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  1. Even the majority of store-bought 'raw food' diets, and certainly kibble, lack organ meat.

  2. Why do these dog foods lack organ meat? Because it is expensive and difficult to find high quality organ meat.

  3. However, K9 CRACK has done the hard work for you. You can crush our Liver Sticks, E-Rings or Beef Heart and sprinkle it onto your dog’s dinner if you need to add organ meats to your dogs dinner. K9 CRACK will enhance your dogs daily nutrition needs if you use it regularly.

Did You Know: That by the age of 3-4 years your dog has the mental capacity of a of a 3-year-old human toddler?

This means that the way you communicate with your dog is paramount for a successful relationship.

  1. Creating good muscle memory to commands is very important for your dog to be safe.

  2. Therefore, using a high value reward system that you both buy into will ensure a happy, successful relationship.

  3. But you must ensure the rewards you use are worth your dog’s effort to respond.

  4. K9 CRACK has a 97% (yes, that is super high) success rate if used correctly during training. See our blogs on training.

  5. The failing 3% is probably because the dog/human partnership were working in an environment that was extremely distracting for the dog, so she was not set up for success. See our blog on training, or her hooman is giving confusing commands.

Did You Know: Your dog can help you create a healthier lifesyle?

When we communicate verbally with our dogs we solidify the bond we have with them, and they are also more responsive to any commands and signals we may give them when we are out walking with them. Therefore, when I am out with Jackson, I can talk to him and those I meet won’t think I’m bonkers!

  1. Our dogs get us out into the fresh air, even when we really don’t want to go. However, once out we enjoy the sound of the birds, the feel of the sun, or even the rain, on our face, and the satisfaction of having just done it.

  2. Walking is a low impact activity that raises the heartrate and increases endorphins, the happy hormone our bodies produce naturally, and taking it with your best buddy only adds to the enjoyment.

  3. Allowing your dog to smell and participate in “pee-mail” is a great way for him to communicate with other dogs who share the same path. They recognize each other’s pheromones and can determine what they have eaten and where they have been.

  4. Taking the time to take that walk, hike or run gives both you and your dog ‘chill-time’ – time away from social media, connecting with nature and each other, which makes it far easier to relax when you get home.

  5. Research shows that being outside increases our natural levels of melatonin, therefore we can sleep better, that goes for our dogs too! Happy trails my friends.

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