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Does Your Dog Need Physical Exercise? And What Qualifies as Physical Exercise?

Firstly, let me just state that physical exercise is paramount, and sets your dog up for success if you are about to embark on any kind of training with your pup. Giving your dog an intense physical workout won’t tire out a high energy or young pup alone, especially if you mean to work on teaching her focus, and calm behaviors. However, the right kind of intense physical exercise will ensure her attention is on you, and learning the right habits and conduct you are teaching her.

A Backyard

Leaving your dog in your own fenced in backyard, no matter how big it is, does not qualify as exercise. Exercise by Webster’s definition means “an activity for developing the body or mind” “to develop or train” or “to exert” – therefore, she needs to be actively engaged.

Dog Parks

Dog parks are an ideal place for your dog to learn social behaviors and interact with other canines in a neutral environment where they can run and play with plenty of space. Please be sure to check that your dog park is well-run, not all dog parks are equal!

If your local dog park is not an option, why not invite a compatible dog over to play in your fenced in yard or take your pup to your friend’s yard. We know how much dogs love going to new places with new smells.

The 12' Leash Option

If you don’t have the option of a fenced yard, I have put a 12-foot leash on Jackson and allowed him to play in the park with his friends. Fortunately, he does come when he is called however, I do make sure I also carry his favorite K9CRACK snack ensure he is just that much more attentive when I call him back. The 12-foot leash allows me to grab him if he takes off again.

The Pup Pack or a Dog Cart

If none of these forms of exercise work for you, you could try having your girl wear a pack while you walk her or pull a cart – this takes significantly more training, but the mental and physical agility required will make a notable difference to her ability to focus and learn. And, of course, the right sort of dog training can exhaust even the most rambunctious puppy!

After all that fantastic physical and mental exercise your pup will be ready to get down to some serious dog training, and don’t forget to give her, her favorite K9CRACK reward afterwards.

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